IncreMental Golf®

School for Parkinson’s

The IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s is a completely unique look at PD therapy.

Use the movements of the golf swing to build balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.


Swing Therapy

Our instruction-based swing therapy uses simple, inexpensive, relatively lightweight, non-golf equipment together with movement drills to challenge and stimulate your body as you go through the process of advanced motor learning.

On-Demand Sessions

Our online video library of over 60 movement drills and complete follow-along motor learning workouts allows you to do your swing therapy sessions from your home, patio, or any place you choose at any time.

Feedback Lessons

The IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s uses the SWING from IncreMental Golf platform which includes Feedback Lessons for one-on-one instruction from Chad Habluetzel.

Chad Habluetzel - IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s

Chad Habluetzel

Chad Habluetzel is an expert on motor learning and its relationship to golf instruction and the author of three books on the subject. Chad has presented at seminars, clinics, and numerous Parkinson’s groups. He has been a golf touring professional, collegiate golf coach, and golf teaching professional since 1997.

Chad started the IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s in 2018 following the Parkinson’s diagnosis of several close family members. He has an intimate knowledge of the day-in, day-out obstacles Parkinson’s patients must overcome and an understanding of the value of guided physical activity as a part of an improved quality of life.