IncreMental Golf®

School for Parkinson’s

Instruction vs. Exercise

The IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s is complete in its approach. It will challenge and stimulate your body to do things you did not think were possible. This purposeful ingenuity is derived from a recognition that there is a fundamental difference between instruction and exercise, between learning a movement and simply moving, between advancing your motor skills and just going through the motions.

Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, and Strength

A golf swing, properly instructed, places significant demands on the body that help maintain and build four vital qualities: balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. As a Parkinson’s patient, an individual dealing with movement difficulties, these four qualities should always be at the forefront of any therapeutic program.

Golfers and Non-Golfers

“But I don’t play golf.” You do not have to. The instruction-based therapy is suitable for both golfers and non-golfers alike. 

Special Equipment

The program does not always use golf equipment. At times, it simplifies golf swing instruction using relatively lightweight items intended to lead the body through the motor learning process. By providing a safe environment specifically suited to your motor learning capabilities, your body and mind are free to seek out and find periods of movement discovery.

Breaking Down Complex Movements

Ultimately, it is the golf swing and the complexity of movement that enables the potential for individual growth. The IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s breaks down the entirety of the swing into multiple drills and subsets based on the work of Chad Habluetzel, an expert on motor learning and its relationship to golf instruction, and his book IncreMental Golf® Instruction.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

This dissection simplifies the movement demands and provides an avenue to learn specific motor skills, both fine and gross, through targeted instruction. These specific motor skills are then purposely combined and refined in order to achieve the whole of the golf swing movement.

Build, Retain, Rejuvenate

During the progression of this process, the body has the opportunity to transfer the motor movement it has built, retained, or even possibly rejuvenated into daily activities and daily life.

Quality of Life

As the body builds a better golf swing, it builds the qualities so important to an improved Parkinson’s life: better balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.

Chad Habluetzel - IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s

Chad Habluetzel

Chad Habluetzel is an expert on motor learning and its relationship to golf instruction and the author of three books on the subject. Chad has presented at seminars, clinics, and numerous Parkinson’s groups. He has been a golf touring professional, collegiate golf coach, and golf teaching professional since 1997. 

Chad started the IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s in 2018 following the Parkinson’s diagnosis of several close family members. He has an intimate knowledge of the day-in, day-out obstacles Parkinson’s patients must overcome and an understanding of the value of guided physical activity as a part of an improved quality of life.